Here are some pictures of my trip to China
March of 2005

This page has assorted pictures of China.
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Here is another picture of Shanghai's Pu Dong Airport. The shiny marble floor is at least 2 football fields long!
Massive is an understatement!
Pudong Airport

How do you get to the airport, you ask? Take the MagLev, of course. With a connection to Shanghai's Metro, it's a breeze to get to the airport.
Mag Lev train

How fast does it really go? This is a picture of the train's speedometer. It shows the train moving at 410 Km/hour but it was still accelerating at the time. Our train got up to 431 Km/hour or about 268 miles/hour !!! It took 3 minutes to get up to speed, it cruised right at 431 Km/hour for 3 minutes and then it took 3 minutes to stop.
The ticket cost $5 and was worth every penny!!
Mag Lev

This is a typical picture of city traffic taken from our hotel room at the Zhong Ya Hotel. Somehow, everyone manages to get where they are going without crashing into each other every minute! This intersection has 2 officers on each corner trying to keep the pedestrians from crossing on the red light. Even with the officers, a few people still managed to walk into the intersection during the red light!!
Shanghai Traffic

China has many modern department stores. This one is in Guangzhou.
It is pretty impressive aside from being 9 stories!
And the prices are a small fraction of what they would be in the USA.
GuangZhoui Department stores

Guangzhou is a city in southern China.
There is no shortage of modern high rise buildings there.
I would have to post a few dozen of them to give you an idea of how modern and unique many of them are!
GuangZhou High Rise

Some of my friends from  Candle For Love  will recognize this cafe (or at least the name).
On a related note, if you are thinking about importing a lovely little lady from China, please visit their website for some extremely helpful information about the visa process. Getting my Amy here without their help would of been somewhere between a lot more difficult and an agonizing nightmare!!
Thanks, CFL!
Moon Carol Cafe

Don't like big shopping centers? Here's a place where you can do a little outdoor shopping.
This is Beijing Road in Guangzhou and yes, there are always this many people!!
Beijing Road shopping

Guangzhou also has a modern Metro to get around.
It was clean, fast and trains ran every 5 minutes.

Shamian Island in Guangzhou was once reserved for foreigners.
There are many European style buildings there.
Shamian Island

There are several statues made of iron like this one on Shamian Island.
They all depict the life style of "westerners".
Iron Statues

This statue is a classic East meets West. This one includes a ship that was typical of the ones they traveled in at the time.
Shamian Island statue

News Years holiday is very big in China. Here are some decorations left over from 2005.
New Year 2005

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