What kind of work do I do? I'm glad you asked!
I am a currently a Purchasing Agent for an Original Equipment Manufacturer
Surface Mount Technology is an automated process used to make the circuits in your phone and everything electronic.
Tiny electronic components are picked up by an extremely fast and accurate machine that precisely places the components on to solder paste that was applied to circuit boards.
Take a look at the 5 components sitting on the tip of my finger.
As you can see, I either have an enormous finger or these parts are really tiny.
They actually make parts that are smaller than these!
5 surface mount components

Let me introduce you to my co-worker, Juki. She is the star of our SMT process.
Juki KE2080L
This is our Juki KE-8020L Pick and Place machine
It picks up tiny electronic components and precisely places them on to a pasted PCB.
She is 5ft x 6ft x 9ft and she weighs a ton and a half, literally!
She has 6 heads that use multiple lasers to measure each part that it picks up
A 7th head picks up larger parts and holds them over a camera,
to visually verify that the part was picked up correctly,
and that each of the leads on the part are where they should be.
This Juki can pick up 6 components simultaneously,
measure the height, width and length of all 6 components,
verify that all 6 parts match the stored data for those parts
and then place all 6 components on the PCB exactly where specified.
Amazingly, it only takes about a second to pick and place 6 parts.
The placement accuracy is extremely accurate at 1 micron, 1 millionth of a meter!

I have some posted some video clips below if you want to see the Juki in action
The first clip shows the conveyor bringing a pasted circuit board into the Juki,
It is a 10 second video of a PCB going into the machine and 24 parts getting placed

This is a view from across the top of the feeders
you can see all six heads coming down simultaneously to pick up six different parts
and then it places each part where it needs to go

Here is a good view of the gantry moving back and forth

This shows the PCB exit once all of the parts have been placed.

Thanks for looking at my Surface Mount Technology web page!

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