The Cosmic Lobster highly recommends taking a hike in Ventura County!

Sandstone Peak

At 3,111 feet, Sandstone Peak is the highest point in the Santa Monica Mountains .

Sandstone Peak trailhead sign
This is the sign at the trailhead to Sandstone Peak.
From Pacific Coast Highway, take Yerba Buena Road 5.6 miles
Once you pass Circle X Ranch, the trail head parking lot is one more mile up on the left

Sandstone formations in the Santa Monica Mountains
This part of the Santa Monica Mountains has many bare and exposed sandstone formations
That is probably why they named this section the Boney Mountains
The short trail from the trailhead to the top is about 1.4 miles at a pretty constant uphill
Or you can take the more scenic 4.6 mile Mishe Mokwa trail

Mishe Mokwa sign
This is a sign on the Mishe Mokwa trail
Aside from a funny sounding name that means Great Bear,
There is something happening on on this sign . . .

Ladybugs on the Mishe Mokwa trail sign
Ladybugs! Thousands of Ladybugs!
I had never seen so many at one time in one place
and what is the big attraction with this sign?

Thousands of ladybugs in the Santa Monica Mountains
and why are they all on this one downed branch?
soon I realized what I was looking at . . .
Mating season ladybug nookie!
A massive orgy to propogate the species

Close to the top
dead ahead, Sandstone Peak
also named Mt Allen

Hiking for Fitness class from Ventura College
My class from the now defunct Hiking for Fitness class at Ventura College
Behind us is a sheer drop off of a few hundred feet
On a clear day the views are spectacular

Newbury Park and Camarillo
Newbury Park is in the foreground and on the right
Camarillo is in the background and on the left

The Oxnard alluvial flood plain
This is almost all of the Oxnard alluvial flood plain
rich fertile soil washed down from the mountains over millions of years
Normally you can see Ventura from here, but the visibility was poor when I took this picture

Westlake Village from Sandstone Peak
Lake Sherwood is visible in this picture of Westlake Village
There is snow on the mountain tops way off in the distance

Thanks for looking at my Sandstone Peak pictures!


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