Welcome to my Kingdom of Thailand page
First up, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.
Thailand has temples everywhere, from majestic ones like this one in the Royal Palace
to tiny weathered old temples that are still in use today
Beware that the temperature will probably be in the 100's
and you are not allowwed to wear shorts or short skirts!
There might be a ton of real gold on this building!
Grand Royal Palace

A side view of the massive temple
The interior walls are impressively covered with gold and ornaments
Grand Royal PalaceL

This beautiful temple is adorned in white and gold.
I think that this temple represents purity.
If temples had genders, this one would be a woman
The White Palace

The amount of detail on some of the things in the palace are amazing, to say the least!
There could easily be a million pieces in sight in this one picture.
Every petal of every flower is one more piece of stone or jewel
Zoom in on this picture to see the amazing detail.
detail of spire

There are many guards stationed around the palace to protect it.
They are huge and are also covered in jewels, head to toe.
It's probably best to avoid eye contact with them      hehehe
A Palace guard

This gnome looking fellow looks like someone the guards are trying to keep out!
Notice the human in the doorway for a size comparison
A Palace guard

I don't know where to start with this creature
The sign says it is a Tantima Bird
and I have no reason to think otherwise
A Palace guard

The Grand Royal Palace also has many Bonzai plants
This one was about twice my height
Palace Bonzai plant

This is only one of many Bonzai groupings I was referring to
Bonzai Garden

Thailand also has many very old temples.
As I approached this one, my first thought was that it was abandoned
But I was pleasntly surprised to see dozens of pairs of shoes at the door
and so many people sitting inside on mats on the floor chanting prayers
A very old temple

The international airport in Bangkok, BKK, is a huge structure
Thailand lets you apply for a visa in the airport when you arrive
And there is a Skytrain to get you into the city center easily.
Bangkok Airport's huge glass wall

This is the Skytrain. It's fast, cheap and best of all, air conditioned!
A station on the Skytrain

Once you are in town, the Taxi's are all Tuk Tuk's.
Most of them charge high and the customer negotiates it lower
The other choice is a 2 wheel motor scooter taxis
But the city busses in Bangkok are free! There are a million of them but no AC
Tuk Tuk Taxis

And last, proof that you're not in Kansas anymore
skinny CocaCola can

I am working on posting my Thailand pictures from Chiang Mai and Pucket.
Check back in a week or so!

Thanks for looking at my Thailand page!

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